Annie Curtis Jones
Costume Design
07774 626366
Annie's work covers many aspects of multicultural media including film, television theatre, commercials, corporate, carnival, circus, and music. She has worked closely with Isaac Julien on all his major projects since "Young Soul Rebels" - winner of the Critics Award at Cannes in 1991 - "The Attendant", "Trussed", "Three", "Black Skin White Mask" (the story of Franz Fannon), "Vagabondia" (nominated for the Turner Prize in 2002), "Paradise Omeros", and his latest work, "True North"
Other film work includes "Babymother" for Julian Henriques and "Reflexion" for Menelik Shabazz. For Television, "Little Napoleons" starring Norman Beaton and Saheed Jaffrey was followed by two series of "Single Voices", "Sex, Drugs and Scoring Goals", "Tony Blair - Rock Star!" and, recently, the television opera "Buzz on the Moon" For Theatre, "Raggamuffin" written and directed by Amani Naphtali and "Wheel of Life" with monks of the Shaolin Temple. For Dance, The Phoenix Dance Company , Kwesi Johnson and Stephen Galloway
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